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CMM Services
  • 1st part layout
  • Production Layout
  • Gage R&R
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Certification of:
    • Fixtures
    • Parts
    • Models
    • Tools
    • Molds

Typical Quality Assurance Report
The Paragon Standard

With every tool or fixture that is designed, built & certified, Paragon will provide both a hard copy & CD-ROM on the following items if applicable:

  1. Original CAD Data
  2. Cad design of tooling or fixture built
  3. Excel size charts for Go/NoGo details and pins
  4. Sequence of Operation
  5. GD&T or similar reference if provided by customer
  6. DMIS results with true vectors
  7. PC-DMIS CMM program: This will allow you to recertify on your CMM machine as your standards require without the need to re-program
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