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Automated Machine Design & Build for:
Assembly of components • Trimming operations • Final Verification & Checking of forms and features
During the last 4 years Paragon has expanded the products we are able to offer our customers. By combining techniques from the past and new technology, we have developed unique tools to speed the assembly and inspection process, from simple PASS/FAIL fixtures to Automated Vision Inspection systems.
This fixture checks to make sure all (4) steel washers were molded into part. Quick to use: just slide part on self-locating nest and LED will indicate GREEN or RED within milliseconds.

This machine uses a PLC controlled vision system to confirm details are present and in proper location. After vision confirms "good part," machine will stroke up to press (8) holes in the foam product.

This assembly machine applies a rubber seal to injection molded parts.

After initial order, four (4) additional machines were ordered and shipped within 5 weeks.

Simple Semi automated Fixture:
Transmission Pan Checking Fixture. This fixture checks flatness of seal bead, bolt seal areas, along with form depth, hole locations & sizes.

The control panel houses a simple display that has numeric & bar graph readings. We have also incorporated the RED / GREEN / YELLOW LED lights to aid operator in making a quick accurate assessment of part being checked. This system was developed to replace manual dial indicators which can lead to operator error.

This machine installs (3) pail nuts on a foam detail fastening it to a plastic substrate. Pail nuts are manually loaded onto magnets in ram. PLC controlled, this will accommodate (3) different part #'s. Various sensors are built into nest and ram to recognize correct combination of details. These include - Fiber Optic, capacitive, laser, photoelectric & inductive. A manually adjustable work surface was incorporated to optimize operator comfort.
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