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As you scroll down you will notice that we also make carts for the fixtures we build. These are made from 1/8" x 2" x 3" steel tubing that is powder coated and fully locking casters are attached when done. By providing these carts we have eliminated the need for you to contact another vendor, and they are made to the proper operator working height. When yearly fixture certification is required, simply unbolt and place fixture on CMM.

Open / Load position

Closed Position
Fuel Door Assembly SPC check Fixture; Also checks Fit & Function

Aluminum Body Fixture for steel stamping

Steel body Fixture for heavy gage steel bracket

Hand Apply checks location of (4) welded studs on upper fuel tank

(4) Station Fixture checking steel stamping

Recreational Vehicle Assembled Frame;
Checking location of ALL welded on components

This fixture allows operator to bolt Oil Pan on fixture with provided torque wrench, then rotate upside down and perform a flatness check on flange surface. Rotating steel was made from A2 tool steel, heat treated, and then cryogenically frozen to stabilize.

Oil Pan fixture - This fixture has (2) SPC ports for depth of draw checking. Hole pattern check is done by pressing down spring loaded "Piano Keys"

This is our NEW Control panel which replaces the above dial indicator type gages. Quick results on draw depth with LED that glows: RED (fail to deep) - GREEN (pass) - YELLOW (fail to shallow).This also has "PARAGON SPINNERS" developed at Paragon to check a flatness band sealing areas.

Welding fixture to hold aluminum components on a short run specialty car line

Grey Plank Fixtures: Checking fixtures made from Grey Plank are designed for light or limited use such as in plastic foam industries, short run steel stampings or prototypes. Grey plank is a stable cost-effective medium for this application.

During the past few years Paragon has been working on designing & Building fixtures for the welded blank suppliers. We have fine tuned the process and developed a quick, easy and affordable solution to the increasing tolerances demanded by the end users. Our system will not scratch measured parts making them salable to customer. Now we can accommodate multiple components on one fixture as well as the final welded assembly.

This system can be used during fine tuning at startup, PPAP approval, and for regular production. This system will eliminate the need to CMM parts for approval. Below are samples of what we have made along with a 1/5 scale model that we can bring to your plant and demonstrate how simple and cost effective it is.

1/5 scale Demo: This will fit in trunk of car . It allows us to come to your plant and show your team how our system works

"B" Blank

Final Welded Blank

Datamyte Collectors can be fully programmed to use with our system.

Body Side: This fixture is 134" long x 73"wide. Due to part size we made accommodations to check RH and LH independent. No need to try and flip final welded assemblies upside down. There are POP UP SPC ports that are operated by a simple lever action built into underside of fixture.
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